Term clarification - bioavailability

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Why the steak is heavy in the stomach

The bioavailability indicates how well the ingested nutrients can be absorbed and utilized.

If you eat a piece of steak, probably not all the protein is digested, taken up and used for your own protein build-up. How so?

  • The protein must first be laboriously broken down by the body into amino acids.
  • This complete decomposition of the eaten foreign protein does not always succeed and putrefactive toxins arise in the intestine.
  • Some amino acids are present in non-human need and are degraded again. Urea and possibly uric acid is formed
  • The food does not contain all the amino acids that a human needs
  • There is a lack of high-quality enzymes and / or coenzymes that allow uptake or re-synthesis into human-derived proteins

A small dosage can move a lot

If you take the combination of PriosaMINO, your body will most likely absorb almost anything. How so?

  • The protein is already present as amino acids and can be absorbed immediately
  • The amino acid combination is fully accepted by the human organism because it has been adapted to humans.
  • In addition, products at Sanopoly contain so-called bioenhancers, which increase bioavailability. (For example, in PriosaMINO 2.0 vitamin B5, B6 and B12 in high quality form.)

The motto is: class instead of mass

The fact that bioavailability is particularly important can be seen in the example of spinach and broccoli. 100 grams of spinach contain about 105 mg of calcium. Whereas 100 grams of broccoli contain only about 65 mg of calcium. However, broccoli has more than 6 times better bioavailability. Nevertheless, more calcium is needed than with spinach.

So you should not necessarily be blinded by high dosages. More important than that is a well-thought-out recipe. The combination with cofactors and bioenhancers enormously increases the bioavailability, but is often ignored.

At Sanopoly, alternative practitioners and doctors have always worked on formulations that are tailored to humans. But also the latest findings of bioenhancers are taken into account and included.

The bioavailability thus depends on the correct administration form, the correct composition and the completeness of all necessary for the construction of vital substances.
This is always the goal of Sanopoly products and can be experienced and measured noticeably.