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(competitive) sport [1/2]
Sport is important for a healthy body. But as with any medicine, it depends on the dose. Who believes the...
What makes a person? His memories, his experiences, his abilities and his feelings. All this is stored in the brain. When the brai...
If one were to lay all the blood vessels of the human one behind the other, one would come to a length of 100.000 kilometers. This...
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Nutrient decline in fruits and vegetables
The nutritional content of vegetables and fruits has declined significantly in the last 50 to 100 years. This is proven by several...
All about R-alpha-lipoic acid
The R-alpha-lipoic acid has many uses. And at Sanopoly, too, it has a very special purpose ......
Disambiguation - Amino acid matrix
Does the human just need protein / protein or is there more behind it? Actually science is much further ......
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