Sanopoly. About us

iconThe Sanopoly family

The name Sanopoly is composed of the two Latin syllables "sano" (=> healthy) and "poly" (=> many). Our mission is: nutrients for the health and well-being of all. Of course, there is more behind the name Sanopoly.

The world is changing and so are your nutritional needs. With us you should always have the right partner at your side. Therefore, we want to combine the latest scientific status both of conventional medicine and naturopathy.

We are a team of different professional departments. Each of us is characterized by a high level of expertise in its knowledge field; This is how knowledge, experience and visions merge synergistically to create something bigger.

Sanopoly is not a closed system, we are open to new insights and improvements in each area and we are constantly evolving.

Sanopoly has a clear goal and strong values

Our product names rightly carry the intent Priosa, because they are at the forefront of quality, effectiveness, safety and practical benefits. They serve our health as much as possible from our medical experience.

Who benefits from Sanopolys "Priosa" products? Actually everyone! In one, there is already a symptom of a lack of vital substances; in the other, it is used for prevention and can thus prevent long-term deficiency symptoms.

We raised our bar very high. At Sanopoly, you will not receive a product unless it has been proven in medical practice. Only after numerous tests with our subjects, their feedback, laboratory tests and further optimization steps, we can promise that a product will provide optimal benefits. This promise and the following values ??characterize Sanopoly:

Holistic benefit

Each composition of our products is optimized for best tolerability and high bioavailability, with the nutritional aspect of course coming first. Your body should not miss any nutrients.

Our products should create real benefits - without unwanted side effects! We succeed through high quality ingredients and optimal ingredients. When developing a formula, health benefits are always the top priority. Costs do not matter.

Sustainable for us humans

We want to be sustainable not only with our environment, but also with the human body. This means that anyone can safely take our products permanently - without unwanted short or long-term consequences.

Since the human being is our focus, this also applies to humanity and the interaction with each other. That's why we strive to stay in close contact with you. Every request is important to us. Also, we try to make complicated scientific information easy to understand. We want to enlighten.


We want to take our products with a clear conscience ourselves, give them to our parents and our children and recommend them to friends. Therefore, we reject all unhealthy flavor enhancers, preservatives, pesticides, heavy metals, genetic manipulation, animal testing and other unethical manufacturing methods without compromise.

We want to give you this security too!