High performance meets undersupply

BurnOut - Who is it?

Basically everyone can be burned out, from the housewife to the athlete to the entrepreneur. Decisive is not the activity carried out, but a series of mistakes and overburdening that permanently affect the person concerned.

Often, people seem to be affected by high expectations of themselves, ambition, determination, and "sacrifice." People who are struggling to give up tasks and take failures seriously to heart - much like insults and frustrations.

The external factors are manifold, but the basic principle is always the same: strong mental and / or physical stress causes a lack of vital substances and thus promotes the development of a burnout.

Burnout is a downward spiral

If decisive mental and social triggers come together, the burnout downward spiral begins. Exhaustion becomes a determining feeling, urgently needed regeneration phases are neglected, the body's performance diminishes.

First, mental and cognitive abilities are concerned, here the body switches first to "soft-action", in favor of all vital functions. Those affected report a persistent feeling of inner emptiness, powerlessness and loss of meaning, weakness, tiredness and listlessness. They are increasingly distancing themselves from their social environment, neglecting their own needs and no longer pursuing occupations that once gave them pleasure and meaningfulness.

Frequently, sufferers also struggle with physical complaints such as sleep disorders, headaches, digestive problems and ongoing back pain. If this exhaustion lasts for a long time, it is absolutely necessary to consult an expert.

A good family doctor is the number one point of contact, he diagnoses and initiates appropriate measures. But many of those affected often no longer take this step - and do not find their way out of the downward spiral on their own.

High performance meets undersupply

So we are talking about a situation in which sufferers go through a prolonged period of stress during which they naturally put their own needs behind. That means, body and psyche are running at full speed, but at the same time lacks the much needed "fuel" for it.

For those who perform at their best consume more nutrients and vital substances - a truism for every athlete. It's all about high-quality nutrients that the person concerned would actually have to supply via a particularly balanced diet rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals.

Most important in this situation are proteins in the form of essential amino acids. But a healthy diet is often neglected in periods of stress - who takes enough time, who feeds healthy and pays attention to periods of rest, when his work is hard to cope anyway. That does not remain without physical consequences.

How can I help myself?

Anyone who is close to burnout or watching the first signs should definitely visit his family doctor and seek advice. Because it is best not to get into the downward spiral at first.

Already conscious behavioral changes in everyday life and optimized nutritional supplements can help prevent burnout. But also to effectively support a burnout therapy offers a supplementation with micronutrients.

In order to counterbalance an imbalanced dopamine / serotonin budget, high-quality amino acids that are matched in the right proportions are suitable. In the formation of serotonin, for example, the amino acid tryptophan plays a crucial role, the initial form of this so-called happiness hormone. Because serotonin must be formed in the brain. Serotonin is not suitable for supplementation, as it causes severe digestive problems and can not reach the site of action in the brain via the blood. Dopamine is formed from the amino acid phenylalanine.

Also, supplementation with vitamins can have a positive effect: vitamins B3 and B6 are needed as coenzymes for serotonin production, but other vitamins such as vitamin C, a special vitamin E and the dextrorotatory R-alpha lipoic acid can weaken the immune system strengthen and counteract the negative effects of chronic stress as radical scavengers.

In conclusion, anyone who takes supplements to prevent or concomitantly undergo burnout therapy should make sure that they are of the highest quality and that human-relevant proportions are taken into account. This means that they are sensibly composed and absolutely high-quality and also contain the crucial substances to positively influence the amino acid balance.

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